Why do bulldogs cost so much?


Bulldog’s are one breed that looks great at any age. The cost to a breeder for a litter can run between $2000-$4000 dollars! (not counting their time and equipment) Lets go over in more detail how much work goes into raising an English bulldog puppy and this is why they are so expensive


Top Reasons Why English Bulldogs cost so much:

  • Stud is to be used at a fee
  • Artificial insemination may be used to increase odds of pregnancy
  • Vitamins used while female is pregnant
  • Female required a C-section
  • Puppies require feeding every 2 hours/day and night for 3 weeks
  • hours and Hours of time
  • Advertising
  • Shots
  • Equipment
  • Vet visits with puppies
  • Pregnancy after can for mom

Stud dog

Why do English Bulldogs cost so much? The cost to breed the dog is usually around $800-$2500.00 for the semen/stud service plus shipping if applies this depends on the quality of the stud and his pedigree.

Testing and exams

Additionally there is the bitch pre breeding tests, exams, x-rays, ultra sounds and the like that can all range from $400-$1500.00 just depending on the testing you may need.

C-Section Surgery

Why do English Bulldogs Cost so much ? The Cost for a C-section, usually about $700.00- $1500.00 assuming it is during normal vet hours. After hours, weekends and holidays will run extra. This cost included the cost for the dog to be put under with anesthesia .C-sections for bulldogs is required for several reasons like: high rates of water puppies which can’t pass through the birth canal, large head and shoulders of the puppies, stress and heat factors may cause a bulldog trouble, the ability to “PUSH” out a full litter is often to much on a bulldog and other factors. Here is a YouTube Video!

TIME. 24/7

Why do English Bulldogs Cost so much? Then when a litter is born most of the time they must be hand helped when feed every 2 house all day and night! .A Good breeder will spend every few hours with the litter and mother during, feed every 2 hours, for the first 2-3 weeks . Bulldogs don’t make the best mothers because they may lay on a puppy on accident and not even realize it. There is other reasons besides that but litters are at least human assisted for many weeks around the clock.


A Professional breeder will have the proper equipment to care for there puppies. This equipment includes whelping boxes, heat lamps, high quality food for after nursing incubator, oxygen , crates and more

English Bulldog puppy feedings

Why do bulldogs cost so much ? It is very time consuming compared to other breeds where every thing is taken care of by the male and female dog including the birth and delivery and raising of the litter. This is a special breed which requires the help of humans to bring a litter to 8 weeks of age. There worth every penny and once you have been owned by bulldog you could never again be without one.


The goal should be is to improve the breed and that is not a cheap thing to do , breeders should provide healthy and beautiful puppies .Stay clear of pet stores as they often inflate the prices by as much as 1500.00 plus Interest or more and the dogs come from puppy mills and often show health problems later in life. You have saved up and researched the breed then wait for the perfect bulldog before buying.

The high price often keeps people from just buying on impulse without knowing what there getting into. .Most breeders sell quality pet bulldogs for between $3000.00-$8,000.00 depending Color and structure and you can expect the breeder to be there for you with help when needed and to know what the past litters and the breeders stock shows in health problems, etc. Lastly, beware of “great deals” and “cheap puppies”, they may cost you a lot more in the end, not just money, but heartache too!

Why do English Bulldogs cost so much

Do you think English bulldogs are worth all the Money?


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