Embark DNA worth it?


YES! Here is why


Top Reasons Why We love Embark:

  • Health Screen for hereditary disease ricks
  • Test for physical traits, Like shedding and predicted size
  • Measure genetic diversity, A predictor of long term health (For Breeding)
  • You get to see if your Dog is a Pure Bred
  • Find out what color your is
  • Find out what Color your Dog Carries (For breeding)
  • If you Dog is a cross breed you get to see what the breeds are!
  • Super Fun to see your Dogs History!
  • Get your Pup’s Ancestry Profile
  • IS Embark DNA Worth it? YES! ( in our Opinion)


Health Screening for hereditary disease risks

Would you like to know if your pup is at risk for a disease? Of course you would! What a wonderful tool to have so you can be preventative and prepared for future issues. Lets face it there are going to be problems in most cases at some point in your dogs life, so lets be prepared for that. Embark DNA for your dog can help with this!


Test for Physical Traits, Like shedding, Predicted size, Performance and more

This is nice for when you would like to know traits like how big is my dog most likely going to get or will they shed a lot. Performance potential for example the High altitude mutation found in people from the Himalayas is tested for! I Mean who would not want to know these things? Is Embark DNA worth it ?


Measure Genetic Diversity

This is not only great for breeders when planning litters but also great for English bulldog owners. Your pup’s genetic diversity result is correlated with there health and lifespan. On average, Dogs with lower scores lead longer, healthier lives. Is Embark DNA worth it? I would say so just on this fact alone!


You get to see if your Dog is a Pure Bred or Cross Bred!

It is so cool to see what mix of breed your dog has. This also can help you understand you puppy’s traits better and there demeanor. This will help you to understand how your pup thinks and there pray drive. Very Helpful !



Meet your pup’s family!

Yes, that’s right When you use Embark DNA. You can see other dogs that have close DNA to your dog. You can then Try to Contact them if you wish. You can meet your pup’s Brother or sister litter mates or even cousins. How Great is that!

Share your Embark DNA results with your Veterinarian

You can easily share your dogs Embark info with your vet so they can have all there health traits on file. with just a click of a button your vet has a wealth of info on your precious puppy. So is the Embark DNA worth it ?


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So, is Embark DNA worth it? In our opinion, Yes it is! The fact is this a small price to pay to get a wealth of information for our dogs future and on top of that it is FUN!Is your pup worth it? This Test can help in so many ways such as if you area a breeder and want to produce the best, healthy and temperament puppies you can. This Test can and will pay you back 100 fold

Yes your dog is worth the small expense in compared to what you get is this neat little kit. We here at Arrowhead Bulldogs, truly love this DNA KIT and Trust its information that is given…

Get your Embark today!

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Is Embark DNA worth it please let us know in the comments below?


is embark DNA worth it
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