How to Care for English Bulldog Wrinkles

Many think that this is a time consuming task but in reality its super easy and not complicated. Caring and cleaning for a bulldogs wrinkles a 5 to 10 minute task. Lets Dive in!

Step 1

Find the Product you like for cleaning and Maintaining the wrinkle Folds. There are many products on the market for this and here are a few we suggest
Wrinkle Care

Natural Dog Co.

Squishface Wrinkle Paste

Squishface Wrinkle Paste

Huggies natural care

Huggies Natural care (Our Top Pick)

Step 2


Now you will just simply clean the fold of the wrinkled. For example the nose rope of an English bulldog. Simply lift up the wrinkle and take your baby white and gently dab the fold of the wrinkle. This area can get pretty dirty

Step 3


Moisture is the Enemy and were moisture gets trapped bacteria can grow and get irritated. after step 2 you will want to get something soft and absorbent such as toilet paper or a soft cloth you again Dab the area where there might be moisture that can get trapped.


Step 4

Applying Product:

Apply a small amount a product chosen from above and apply it within the fold of the wrinkle. whether it’s a balm, paste or cream these products will help when the wrinkle gets red and irritated, these will help you soothe the area and heal the irritation.



Yes its that Simple!

Cleaning and maintaining an English bulldogs wrinkles is a very simple task that when done just about every day all you will need is a baby wipe and a few minutes. If this is done correctly then a lot of the times the Healing products can be avoided.


If you are a bulldog lover and would like to learn more about the bulldog breed? I would suggest purchasing this book, it covers many basic topics of the English Bulldog. Take a look!

How to care for English Bulldog Wrinkles

4 Steps on How to care for English Bulldog Wrinkles
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