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How do you Avoid a Puppy Scam?

Puppy scammers are a huge problem right now and are only going to get worse! There are 2 main types of scams that I have seen, there are more but these are 2 that I have seen the most.#1, is where you never get a puppy after your deposit and # 2 is were you do get a puppy but its either not the one you wanted or is in poor health were you spend a ton of money on your said pup at the vets office over its lifespan. I have seen this happen to people many times and I’m sick of it! You may be able to skip this First section if you have a referral but then again you still may want to use some of these tips to help in your search for your new fur baby, because things do sometimes change in a breeding program, for the better or worse!


  • Really know the breed your interested in. For example, what are common health issues for that breed, what is the standard/look for that breed and what is the average cost for a quality animal of that breed. Quality = less out of pocket cost for you in the long for vet bills and hart ache
  • Where did you hear of this breeder. Was it from a friend or was in from a yard sign nailed to an electric pool on the side of the road?
  • Read reviews on the breeder your talking with but make sure your not just focusing on the Negative ones, sometimes there are people that just leave stupid reviews for stupid things. There should be a lot more positive reviews than negative.
  • Do a reverse Picture search on the puppies/animals there selling to see if there pics are actually someone else and if so they might not even have the puppy that there trying to “sell” this is a red flag!


  • Scammers want to be quick so that you give them money before you realize its a scam. They will rush and push you.
  • Are they willing to to give you multiple Pictures and Videos?
  • Are they willing to schedule a live chat with you?
  • Have the parents of the dog/Animal been health tested and can they provide proof of this?
  • Do they answer of avoid your questions?
  • Are you actually talking with the breeder to a “middle man”?
  • Will they give you a referral for there previous customers?
  • Are they genuine and act like or sound like they care about the animals?
  • Do they care about you and hear what you say?
  • DO THEY OFFER A CONTRACT ? (Very important)


Let’s face it, pets are an investment and the return we are looking for is a health and happy pet that will love us and we love them for many years. Like any investment we should be knowledgeable about what we are investing in… Being scammed is not only embarrassing it’s also heartbreaking! You think your getting the puppy of your dreams and it ends up being a nightmare with either no puppy at all or a puppy your attached to that now has a lot of health problems because it was not properly bred in a puppy mill. The Good New is,with if we do our homework we can bring home our dream puppy! I hope these tips with help you avoid being scammed when looking for your next puppy.

Have you or anyone you know have been scammed or contracted a puppy scammer?



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