Is Embark DNA Worth it?

Is Embark DNA Worth it?

Embark DNA worth it?


YES! Here is why


Top Reasons Why We love Embark:

  • Health Screen for hereditary disease ricks
  • Test for physical traits, Like shedding and predicted size
  • Measure genetic diversity, A predictor of long term health (For Breeding)
  • You get to see if your Dog is a Pure Bred
  • Find out what color your is
  • Find out what Color your Dog Carries (For breeding)
  • If you Dog is a cross breed you get to see what the breeds are!
  • Super Fun to see your Dogs History!
  • Get your Pup’s Ancestry Profile
  • IS Embark DNA Worth it? YES! ( in our Opinion)


Health Screening for hereditary disease risks

Would you like to know if your pup is at risk for a disease? Of course you would! What a wonderful tool to have so you can be preventative and prepared for future issues. Lets face it there are going to be problems in most cases at some point in your dogs life, so lets be prepared for that. Embark DNA for your dog can help with this!


Test for Physical Traits, Like shedding, Predicted size, Performance and more

This is nice for when you would like to know traits like how big is my dog most likely going to get or will they shed a lot. Performance potential for example the High altitude mutation found in people from the Himalayas is tested for! I Mean who would not want to know these things? Is Embark DNA worth it ?


Measure Genetic Diversity

This is not only great for breeders when planning litters but also great for English bulldog owners. Your pup’s genetic diversity result is correlated with there health and lifespan. On average, Dogs with lower scores lead longer, healthier lives. Is Embark DNA worth it? I would say so just on this fact alone!


You get to see if your Dog is a Pure Bred or Cross Bred!

It is so cool to see what mix of breed your dog has. This also can help you understand you puppy’s traits better and there demeanor. This will help you to understand how your pup thinks and there pray drive. Very Helpful !



Meet your pup’s family!

Yes, that’s right When you use Embark DNA. You can see other dogs that have close DNA to your dog. You can then Try to Contact them if you wish. You can meet your pup’s Brother or sister litter mates or even cousins. How Great is that!

Share your Embark DNA results with your Veterinarian

You can easily share your dogs Embark info with your vet so they can have all there health traits on file. with just a click of a button your vet has a wealth of info on your precious puppy. So is the Embark DNA worth it ?


Get Your $50 Discount on Embark!

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So, is Embark DNA worth it? In our opinion, Yes it is! The fact is this a small price to pay to get a wealth of information for our dogs future and on top of that it is FUN!Is your pup worth it? This Test can help in so many ways such as if you area a breeder and want to produce the best, healthy and temperament puppies you can. This Test can and will pay you back 100 fold

Yes your dog is worth the small expense in compared to what you get is this neat little kit. We here at Arrowhead Bulldogs, truly love this DNA KIT and Trust its information that is given…

Get your Embark today!

Why do English Bulldogs cost so much

Arrowhead bulldogs BLOG

Is Embark DNA worth it please let us know in the comments below?


is embark DNA worth it
4 Steps on How to care for English Bulldog Wrinkles

4 Steps on How to care for English Bulldog Wrinkles

How to Care for English Bulldog Wrinkles

Many think that this is a time consuming task but in reality its super easy and not complicated. Caring and cleaning for a bulldogs wrinkles a 5 to 10 minute task. Lets Dive in!

Step 1

Find the Product you like for cleaning and Maintaining the wrinkle Folds. There are many products on the market for this and here are a few we suggest
Wrinkle Care

Natural Dog Co.

Squishface Wrinkle Paste

Squishface Wrinkle Paste

Huggies natural care

Huggies Natural care (Our Top Pick)

Step 2


Now you will just simply clean the fold of the wrinkled. For example the nose rope of an English bulldog. Simply lift up the wrinkle and take your baby white and gently dab the fold of the wrinkle. This area can get pretty dirty

Step 3


Moisture is the Enemy and were moisture gets trapped bacteria can grow and get irritated. after step 2 you will want to get something soft and absorbent such as toilet paper or a soft cloth you again Dab the area where there might be moisture that can get trapped.


Step 4

Applying Product:

Apply a small amount a product chosen from above and apply it within the fold of the wrinkle. whether it’s a balm, paste or cream these products will help when the wrinkle gets red and irritated, these will help you soothe the area and heal the irritation.



Yes its that Simple!

Cleaning and maintaining an English bulldogs wrinkles is a very simple task that when done just about every day all you will need is a baby wipe and a few minutes. If this is done correctly then a lot of the times the Healing products can be avoided.


If you are a bulldog lover and would like to learn more about the bulldog breed? I would suggest purchasing this book, it covers many basic topics of the English Bulldog. Take a look!

How to care for English Bulldog Wrinkles

4 Steps on How to care for English Bulldog Wrinkles
New puppy checklist. What do I get!

New puppy checklist. What do I get!

My new Puppy. What do I need?

“This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.”

‘What do I need for my new puppy?” Well, this may not be as daunting as you think!

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting but it does require A Little thought and planning. You want the most enjoyable experience possible right? The key, Like most things in life is repairing well in advance that way you are ready for your new fur baby.

In this article we will discuss and show some of the products that we have found healthful over the years when raising our bulldogs.

Product list and Why


  • High quality food
  • Double Door Crate with divider
  • Baby gates
  • Water bottle
  • No tip dog bowl
  • Slow feed bowl
  • nail Clippers
  • Kwik stop
  • Leash
  • Harness
  • Pooper scooper
  • poop bags
  • puppy pads
  • Washable Blankets
  • FURminator
  • Furminator Curry Comb for Dogs
  • Shampoo



  • Ropes
  • Kong
  • Nylabone
  • Hartz Dura Play Ball


Food and Vitamins:

  • Life’s Abundance food
  • Blue Buffalo treats
  • Earthborn Treats
  • Coconut oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Pumpkin 100%

High Quality food


We suggest an all life stage grain free food such as Life’s abundance packed full of all the all the important nutrients a growing puppy needs. This food is second to Raw and is a woundedly made ! THIS FOOD AS NEVER HAD A RECALL!


Double Door

You will need somewhere to confine your new puppy at night and Especially when pottie training

Baby gate

A baby gate is a good idea so you can block out your new fur baby from rooms you don’t want them to go in

Water bottle

You can attach this to the side of the crate so that youi rnew puppy will not spill there bowl and make a mess

No tip dog bowl

These are great for puppies in training to help them from tipping thete bowl and making a mess

Slow feed bowl

This is a great tool to help your puppy learn how to slow down when eating to avoid choking and throwing up

Kwik Stop

If you happen to cut a little short its a good idea to have some of this handy to stop the bleeding.


Of course you will need a leash


Whats a leash withour a harness,We like the harness better than a colar for flat faced breeds.

Pooper scooper

A Scooper is nice when cleaning up the yard to you dont have to deal with that stuff on the bottom of your shoes!

Poop bags

when on a walk its always important to have puppy bags avaiable.Its never nice to leave your fur friends treasurs behind!

puppy pads

There is going to be an potty accaident here and there

Washable Blankets

If you decide to use a blanket in your crate these are nice washable blankets.


This is great for getting to that undercoat

Furminator Curry Comb for Dogs

This is another good option and your pup will love it!


Life’s Abundance not only makes high guailty food but also Shampoo.Try it!



Most puppies love to bite and pull. ROPES…


Love the Kong!Pack it with peanut butter and reward to your dog with this treat.Tip-after the peanut butter try freezing it and it lastes much longer


Good Toy for a Teething pup

Hartz Dura Play Ball

If you like to play fetch this is a nice ball for that

Food and Vitamins:

Blue Buffalo treats

Earthborn Treats

Great for a Hip and Joint/treat combo

Coconut oil

Great for a dogs coat and a yummy Topping on your dog food

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a good way to increase your puppies system

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

This is good to balance there PH,Anit paisite and helps clean there teeth

Pumpkin 100%

When you pup has loose stool Pure pumkin will help

Congratulations on your new fur baby! I hope this list helps you and your new fur baby. If there is something that you have done, Please comment Below!


Why do bulldogs cost so much?

Why do bulldogs cost so much?

Why do bulldogs cost so much?


Bulldog’s are one breed that looks great at any age. The cost to a breeder for a litter can run between $2000-$4000 dollars! (not counting their time and equipment) Lets go over in more detail how much work goes into raising an English bulldog puppy and this is why they are so expensive


Top Reasons Why English Bulldogs cost so much:

  • Stud is to be used at a fee
  • Artificial insemination may be used to increase odds of pregnancy
  • Vitamins used while female is pregnant
  • Female required a C-section
  • Puppies require feeding every 2 hours/day and night for 3 weeks
  • hours and Hours of time
  • Advertising
  • Shots
  • Equipment
  • Vet visits with puppies
  • Pregnancy after can for mom

Stud dog

Why do English Bulldogs cost so much? The cost to breed the dog is usually around $800-$2500.00 for the semen/stud service plus shipping if applies this depends on the quality of the stud and his pedigree.

Testing and exams

Additionally there is the bitch pre breeding tests, exams, x-rays, ultra sounds and the like that can all range from $400-$1500.00 just depending on the testing you may need.

C-Section Surgery

Why do English Bulldogs Cost so much ? The Cost for a C-section, usually about $700.00- $1500.00 assuming it is during normal vet hours. After hours, weekends and holidays will run extra. This cost included the cost for the dog to be put under with anesthesia .C-sections for bulldogs is required for several reasons like: high rates of water puppies which can’t pass through the birth canal, large head and shoulders of the puppies, stress and heat factors may cause a bulldog trouble, the ability to “PUSH” out a full litter is often to much on a bulldog and other factors. Here is a YouTube Video!

TIME. 24/7

Why do English Bulldogs Cost so much? Then when a litter is born most of the time they must be hand helped when feed every 2 house all day and night! .A Good breeder will spend every few hours with the litter and mother during, feed every 2 hours, for the first 2-3 weeks . Bulldogs don’t make the best mothers because they may lay on a puppy on accident and not even realize it. There is other reasons besides that but litters are at least human assisted for many weeks around the clock.


A Professional breeder will have the proper equipment to care for there puppies. This equipment includes whelping boxes, heat lamps, high quality food for after nursing incubator, oxygen , crates and more

English Bulldog puppy feedings

Why do bulldogs cost so much ? It is very time consuming compared to other breeds where every thing is taken care of by the male and female dog including the birth and delivery and raising of the litter. This is a special breed which requires the help of humans to bring a litter to 8 weeks of age. There worth every penny and once you have been owned by bulldog you could never again be without one.


The goal should be is to improve the breed and that is not a cheap thing to do , breeders should provide healthy and beautiful puppies .Stay clear of pet stores as they often inflate the prices by as much as 1500.00 plus Interest or more and the dogs come from puppy mills and often show health problems later in life. You have saved up and researched the breed then wait for the perfect bulldog before buying.

The high price often keeps people from just buying on impulse without knowing what there getting into. .Most breeders sell quality pet bulldogs for between $3000.00-$8,000.00 depending Color and structure and you can expect the breeder to be there for you with help when needed and to know what the past litters and the breeders stock shows in health problems, etc. Lastly, beware of “great deals” and “cheap puppies”, they may cost you a lot more in the end, not just money, but heartache too!

Why do English Bulldogs cost so much

Do you think English bulldogs are worth all the Money?


How to Avoid a Puppy Scam

How to Avoid a Puppy Scam

Puppy scammer


How do you Avoid a Puppy Scam?

Puppy scammers are a huge problem right now and are only going to get worse! There are 2 main types of scams that I have seen, there are more but these are 2 that I have seen the most.#1, is where you never get a puppy after your deposit and # 2 is were you do get a puppy but its either not the one you wanted or is in poor health were you spend a ton of money on your said pup at the vets office over its lifespan. I have seen this happen to people many times and I’m sick of it! You may be able to skip this First section if you have a referral but then again you still may want to use some of these tips to help in your search for your new fur baby, because things do sometimes change in a breeding program, for the better or worse!


  • Really know the breed your interested in. For example, what are common health issues for that breed, what is the standard/look for that breed and what is the average cost for a quality animal of that breed. Quality = less out of pocket cost for you in the long for vet bills and hart ache
  • Where did you hear of this breeder. Was it from a friend or was in from a yard sign nailed to an electric pool on the side of the road?
  • Read reviews on the breeder your talking with but make sure your not just focusing on the Negative ones, sometimes there are people that just leave stupid reviews for stupid things. There should be a lot more positive reviews than negative.
  • Do a reverse Picture search on the puppies/animals there selling to see if there pics are actually someone else and if so they might not even have the puppy that there trying to “sell” this is a red flag!


  • Scammers want to be quick so that you give them money before you realize its a scam. They will rush and push you.
  • Are they willing to to give you multiple Pictures and Videos?
  • Are they willing to schedule a live chat with you?
  • Have the parents of the dog/Animal been health tested and can they provide proof of this?
  • Do they answer of avoid your questions?
  • Are you actually talking with the breeder to a “middle man”?
  • Will they give you a referral for there previous customers?
  • Are they genuine and act like or sound like they care about the animals?
  • Do they care about you and hear what you say?
  • DO THEY OFFER A CONTRACT ? (Very important)


Let’s face it, pets are an investment and the return we are looking for is a health and happy pet that will love us and we love them for many years. Like any investment we should be knowledgeable about what we are investing in… Being scammed is not only embarrassing it’s also heartbreaking! You think your getting the puppy of your dreams and it ends up being a nightmare with either no puppy at all or a puppy your attached to that now has a lot of health problems because it was not properly bred in a puppy mill. The Good New is,with if we do our homework we can bring home our dream puppy! I hope these tips with help you avoid being scammed when looking for your next puppy.

Have you or anyone you know have been scammed or contracted a puppy scammer?

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