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” Matt and Haley,


I’m not sure where to even begin, But I have to let you know how profoundly you’ve changed our lives. I had no plans on getting a bulldog and now I can’t imagine my life without them.

I have constant feet warmers and because wherever I sit, they lay on my feet. I no longer need a white noise machine because the gentle snore of the bulldog works just as well. And I never get lonely when driving for work because my dogs love to fide in the car all day long and meet new people. from the bottom of my hart- THANK YOU- for sharing Tonka and Arrow with us. We truly love them both. Cant wait to visit again. .


Lindsay M. from North Carolina “



Hello, My Name is Haley Rhoden, founder of Arrowhead Bulldogs. My husband, Matthew Rhoden and I have worked hard over the years to be the Best English Bulldog Breeder, produce happy and health Bulldogs and this continues to be our goal to this day. We have fallen in love with bulldogs as many have and A lot of knowledge, time, and expense has gone into raising each and every one of our bulldog litters.

You hear the term “hand raised” a lot, what that means here at Arrowhead Bulldogs is all of our bulldogs are literally hand raised in our home with my husband and children. We work together as a family every step of the way in raising our bully babies. What does this do? As a result, they are extremely well-socialized with children, adults, and other bulldogs and helps insure a smooth transition into your home for your family to love.

All puppies are AKC registered and come with a 1 year health guarantee, several vet checks, Deworming, and a new puppy starter kit to give you a great start! And Lets not forget a Lifetime of Support from Arrowhead Bulldogs.

Arrowhead Bulldogs are some of the most healthy and friendly bulldogs you will find. Our Standard and rare color Bulldogs are blue, black, chocolate, and lilac bulldogs truly are “show stoppers”!

The colors really stand out in a crowd. It is hard to walk down the street without getting stopped by curious people admiring these unique colored bulldogs that are Happy and Healthy. Regardless of color, our number one priority is the health of the bulldog, which make for a Happy bulldog.

Once you have an English Bulldog, you will never want anything else! We use years of experience and love of the breed to produce healthy, Happy and well socialized puppies. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask any questions! Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope we get to work with you soon and help you bring your own bully baby home! THE BEST ENGLISH BULLDOG BREEDER…

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#1 Ask questions

Contact us and ask as many questions as you have, We want all of our customer’s to feel comfortable when makeing a big decision, like bring home a new puppy. Ask us why we and other thing we are the best English bulldog breeder around


#2 Application

Once you feel comfortable, We ask that our puppy Application be filled out. This helps ensure that we find the best homes for our baby Bulldogs.

#3 Approval prosses

Once we receive your application, we will review it and get back with you ASAP. Now we will ask you questions to again make sure you are a good fit for an Arrowhead Bulldog. We then will let you know weather it has been approved.

#4 After approval

Congratulation! After you have been approve to bring home an Arrowhead Bulldog. We will have you fill and sign our agreement along with a down payment to hold your puppy. Once your puppy is of age you can either pick up your pup or we can hand deliver it to you for a fee. We also offer a Wait list to choose a puppy before it is open to the public.
Best English Bulldog Breeder

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